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As with any piece of audio equipment, the power supply can have a large effect on the sound quality. Although the MiniClock has been carefully designed, it still has to run from the CD players noisy internal power supply. This provides a source of interference, which can only be removed by powering the MiniClock with an independent Power Supply which does not feed any other circuits. This eliminates the possibility of digital 'hash' on the power pins to interfere with the timing of the MiniClocks' output signal.

When a CD Clock is powered from the internal power supply within a CD player, it is inevitable that the current flowing into the clocks power supply pin must also flow to ground through the clocks output ground. This then causes jitter on the output of the clock as the ground of the clock module is modulated (moved) by the PSU current flowing through the output ground wire with respect to the CD players ground to which it is connected thereby causing timing errors on the chip that the clock is feeding. This is not the fault of the clock itself, but of the finite resistance of the clocks ground wire and CD players PCB grounds. This is not a problem if the clock power supply current does not pass through these ground connections. What is needed is a power supply where the clock modules current flows from the PSU to the clock and then back to the PSU without going through the clock modules output ground.

NET-Audio has designed two low noise DC voltage power supplies specifically for the powering of CD Clocks to minimize any interference and therefore maximize the clocks performance potential when installed inside your CD Player.

The NET Audio Clock Power Supply first filters the mains noise, lowers the voltage to 6 volts AC (11VDC when rectified) and then uses high quality Nichicon Gold audio grade capacitors to provide a low noise DC voltage for the clock. This improves the performance of the clock by isolating it from the noisy internal power supply of the CD player.

Recently updated, the NET Audio Clock PSU now uses soft recovery diodes in the rectifier to reduce ac switching noise and other improvements to further improve the performance of the power supply, providing an even cleaner power source for CD Clocks.

The latest Clock PSU similar to the above but also has a regulated output, for even lower noise and stability, further improving the sound quality, detail etc.

These power supplies can be used on any clock requiring up to 40mA at 9 - 12V DC.

For fitting instructions please click Here.

For wiring connections overlay please click Here.

Standard Clock PSU Board

Regulated Clock PSU Board


Dimensions are 94(L) x 38(W) x 40(H) mm. The mounting holes are M4 clearance and are spaced 27 mm and 82.5 mm apart.

The plastic self-adhesive standoffs (9mm high) are available separately. These can be stuck to the inside of the CD player to remove the requirement for drilling holes in the chassis.


Standard Clock Power Supply

Clock PSU Upgrade includes:-

  • One Clock PSU upgrade PCB
  • Wires required for connection to your CD Player
Total Price excluding P+P = £45.

Regulated Clock Power Supply

Clock PSU Upgrade includes:-

  • One Clock PSU upgrade PCB
  • Wires required for connection to your CD Player
Total Price excluding P+P = £55.

Self Adhesive Standoffs

Total Price = £1.20 for a set of four.

9mm Version.