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Audio Connectors


High Quality amplifier binding posts for the Quad 303.

Gold plated connector with a solid 12mm knurled terminal. Will accept spade terminals, banana plugs and bare wire up to 5.5mm diameter. Ideal for replacing older style or inferior connectors on your amplifier. Suitable for Quad 303 and 405 MK1, MK2 and NET Audio 405 MK3. Supplied in two pairs, two red and two black. These connectors require a 10mm drill hole for mounting.

Price excluding P+P = £8 for four (left and right channel).

Standard Quad 405 MK2 and Quad 306 type connectors.

Standard 4mm banana socket connectors for fitting to Quad 405 MK2 and Quad 306. Available in Red or Black

Price excluding P+P = £1.10 each.

Red Connector.

Black Connector.

High Quality Phono Sockets.

High quality gold plated phono sockets with teflon insulator and gold plated contacts. Requires an 10mm diameter drill hole when fixing to a chassis.

Stereo Pair of Phono Sockets = £6.00.00.

Op Amps

Single Opamps

OPA134PA DIL = £3.20.

OPA604AP DIL = £3.80.

LME49710 DIL = 3.20

OPA627AP DIL = £15.00. Please email before purchase to check stock.

Dual Opamps

OPA2134PA DIL = £3.65.

OPA2604PA DIL = £5.80.

High Quality Turned Pin IC Sockets.

High quality, low profile Turned Pin IC Sockets with gold plated contacts. Ideal for upgrades where substitution of opamps may take place.

Price excluding P+P = £0.85 each up to 5, £0.80 each for 6 and over.

High Quality Gold Plated Turned Pin IC Sockets - Up to 5.

High Quality Gold Plated Turned Pin IC Sockets - Six and Over.


High Performance Diodes.

High speed, soft recovery diodes. These diodes have a very fast, soft turnoff characteristic and minimise switching spikes and RF noise when used in bridge rectifier circuits producing a quieter background and improved detail and dynamic range. Do not bypass with snubber capacitor.

UG06B - 0.6A 100v soft Recovery - 15nS turn off time. No Stock

11DQ10 -  1.1A 100V Schottky diode - £0.60 each.

Very fast recovery and minimal switching transients for low noise bridge rectifier circuits. Will directly replace 1N400X series of diodes as used in CD players, preamps etc.

Replacement Quad Transistors.

BC214 (BC154 on Quad 303) - £0.40 each.

BC549B (BC109Bon Quad 303) - £0.40 each.

BC546B (U17219 on Quad 303) - £0.40 each.

BC556B (U17229 on Quad 303) - £0.40 each.

BC441 (38495 on Quad 303) - £1.60 each.

BC461 (38496 on Quad 303) - £1.60 each.

The heatsink top cover on the 38495 and 38496 transistors should be made flat (around the transistor hole) before replacing when fitting the BC441 and BC461 transistors as there is no heatsink flange in the more modern devices. This is to ensure that the transistor is in good thermal contact with the heatsink.

Tube of Heatsink Compound Paste. This paste is applied on either side of the mica washer to aid heat conduction to the heatsink and is the most reliable method of mounting power transistors to a heatsink but is a little messy compared to silicon washers.

25g Tube of Heatsink Compound = £3.20


High quality Silver Loaded solder (3.8%). Listening tests were done on a number of different solder types and this was found to be sonically the best of the bunch. As it has a higher silver content it has a higher melting point and is harder than normal solder so requires more care in use. More difficult to remove parts which have been soldered with this solder due to the higher temperature needed to melt the solder, so can lift tracks if not done correctly. Makes very strong joints. Manufacturers recommended soldering iron tip temperature is 360 degrees centigrade. Internally fluxed.

Silver loaded solder 0.5mm £0.90 per meter.

Silver loaded solder 0.8mm £1.00 per meter.


Power Wire

Silver Plated 19 x 0.2mm strand OFC copper wire with PTFE insulation. A cable which can be used for connecting power lines and speaker connectors etc inside a power amplifier.. Very good sound quality for the price, far superior to the original copper cable originally used. Makes a noticeable improvement to the sound quality. 

PTFE Insulated Power Cable Red - £2.50 per meter

PTFE Insulated Power Cable Black - £2.50 per meter

PTFE Insulated Power Cable Green - £2.50 per meter

Push On Connectors

Standard Quad type connectors for fitting to the power cables so that they can be connected to either a standard Quad 405 amplifier board or a NET Audio 405 MK3 amplifier board.

JST Connector 0.20 each.