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Hi David,

It’s been a couple of weeks now since installing the Sonance in our main system, so as promised here is our review…

“Sonance” meaning “sound”, or to be completely accurate…”The sensation caused by a vibrating wave motion that is perceived by the organs of hearing”. 

The first thing that struck me about the Net Audio Sonance Mk2 is its beautiful construction. Finished in brushed aluminium with its name carved out of the front panel, it portrays a real air of quality. Measuring only 210x180x60mm it is easy to house next to your CD transport, leaving opportunity to use shorter interconnects which can only be a good thing! 

After a two week warm up period, I was ready to do some serious listening. First up were Crowded House “It’s only natural”. Instantly I was struck by the natural tonal accuracy of the voices. As the harmonies built, the Sonance accurately displayed the singers, one centre stage with the other centre left and represented them in a very natural way. Cymbals (a long term concern of mine with CD) were exceptional, sounding very realistic and detailed without any hint of splash or fizz. At the other end of the scale, the thump of the foot drum and the detail of the bass line were also outstanding, immediately bringing on a bit of foot tapping! 

With my first impressions made I wanted to test the Sonance further, so I reached for Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” from their Tango in the night CD. This track has a thin sounding percussion section and cymbals that make the sound of a disgruntled rattle snake. Not with the Sonance! Yes the cymbals were still thin (as per the recording) but they had significantly increased in definition with heaps of space separating them from the lead and backing vocals. I was simply stunned that a DAC could retrieve this amount of detail and instrumental separation from a CD. 

Next I listened to Nerina Pallot’s “Sohpia” from her superb Fires CD. The depth and sheer musicality of the piano coupled with the eerily lifelike vocal representation was incredible, a real goose bump moment! All the detail and vocal range of Nerina’s voice came through beautifully from centre stage. This was complemented by the reverberation of the piano spilling into the room with complete musicality. This track sounded so good with the Sonance, I had to play it again, and again, and again. 

I knew by this time that the Sonance was brilliant at revealing all the recorded detail, so I wanted to see what it would do with something a bit heavier. Green Day’s “She’s a rebel” came thumping out of my ESL’s, yes thumping out of my ESL’s! I never realised Electrostatic Loudspeakers could truly rock. The bass depth and drum kit shook the room with real authority as I sat there simply in awe of the Sonance. The control and again separation of all the musical detail came through clearly, even in the loudest sections of the track. 

Moving to classical music, I played Hubert Parry’s “An English Suite”. This is very high quality recording made by Quad and it really reveals the richness of the orchestra. The Sonance extracted every last detail, the strings were clearly represented in a very 3-dimensional soundstage and the flow of the music stirred the emotions to the point of my complete involvement. The whole musical pictured gelled in front of me with incredible realism. 

Listening to the title track from Jem’s “Finally Woken” CD, again I found my ESL’s shaking the room with the powerful bass line. All elements of the track remained perfectly controlled and separated. The electronic sound of the track which starts with seagulls then moves to sirens, is often very fatiguing. Not with the Sonance, it was detailed, informative and easy to listen to, giving me a real experience of the recording. 

In summary, the Net Audio Sonance MK2 is a stunning DAC that reaches into recorded music with incredible accuracy; however, this still isn’t its most impressive feature. It’s the overall ability of the Sonance to play music as it should be heard, in a natural cohesive way that is simply breathtaking. It will have you re-discovering your CD collection for years to come! David Pritchard, you are a genius! 

Test Equipment

Teac VRDS T1 Transport, Glasshouse Pre-Amplifier No1, Net Audio Quad 303SE Power Amplifier, Quad ESL63 Loudspeakers

Interconnects – Van Den Hul First Ultimate

Digital Interconnect – QED Signature 75

Mains Cables – Van Den Hul Mainstream

Mains Supply – Isotek Gemini and Russ Andrews

Date Tested: 13th February 2007

David, on a personal note, I would like to buy the Sonance for our personal use (and demonstration when we are ready). I think there was some money left with you after the 303 upgrade, so please can you let me know how much more I need to send you.

You really have a stunning product in the Sonance and I am really proud to be representing it through Gener8 Sound. We look forward to marketing it to the best of our ability.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.


PS: When I get a moment, I will test the Missing Link cable you also sent to me. 

Gener8 Solutions Limited

      High Performance People Development



Hi Fi -mini review… Net Audio Sonance Dac


David Pritchard of ‘ Net Audio ‘ first contacted us at The Missing Link about two years ago regarding a special DAC he was working on and asked if we would be willing to supply the internal wiring. After talking to David for a while it became quite obvious that he was very passionate about his design work and that only the very best would do at every stage of production. This is a trait which we recognise and applaud in a world where many audio designs are compromised for the sake of cheap internal components. Realising this we knew there was a high chance that David’s DAC would be a special product so could not wait to get our hands on one for the demo room as soon as the chance arrived.

We were quite excited when it arrived after the weekend….(I have tried out 3 different stand alone DACs over the last 2 years and to be honest have found very little in the way of improvement over the standard Teac VRDS-20 internal DAC-hence the reason I have stayed with it ).

In usual fashion we did not finish in the workshop until late and the system had been on standby all day keeping nice and warm. As soon as we had finished dinner, Jan and I sat down to listen to Debussy’s 12 Etudes performed by Mitsuko Uchida - a stunning performance and also a digital recording par excellence - more than a workout for any system, the starting and stopping of notes are a dead giveaway for any weaknesses. We couldn’t have been given a more enjoyable listening session…

The Sonance performance is very very impressive … this DAC reveals more of the detail that simply seems to elude the internal DAC on the Teac. (even Jan – a sceptic – was pleasurably surprised by the openness of detail using the DAC) . This is the kind of result I have hoped for many times before, only to be disappointed.

I could write more but as always, our best suggestion, if you are in the market for a quality stand-alone hand-built British DAC, is to contact David Pritchard at NET Audio direct or as we  intend to keep the Sonance on permanent demonstration. If you prefer you can phone us to arrange to pop in and have a listen to our Demo System … you can always bring a few favourite recordings and enjoy a pleasurable musical interlude…

Well done David…we’re gratefully impressed…

David is both informal and friendly and can be contacted through his website


Mark from The Missing Link

Dear David Pritchard,
I have had a chance to listen to the altered NAD and Sonance now. I have to say I am very happy with it. It took me quite a while to understand what was going on hence the delay in feedback. With this setup one requires a really well recorded C.D. to get the benefit. On some of my older CD's the sound quality is not quite so great (I think the CD's fault) but on some it is quite superb. I have no doubt there might be other limiting factors but I am only telling you what I have found by changing from my NAD previously installed without the Sonance and my temporarily installed DVD to the units now in place.
If a good and well recorded CD is in the modified NAD between it and the Sonance the detail that can be picked out is quite fantastic. My Eva Cassidy track Tennessee Waltz is just so realistic. One can hear the wood in a piano playing vibrating and Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler on guitar are quite majestic. I can sit now in my house at night and not watch the telly. I can sit and listen to music all night and it is terrific.

I was up listening to a Consonance Reference 2.2 Linear CD Player (£1350.oop) through a demo Consonance amp with demo Zingali speakers. I wouldn’t change my set up for that.

Yours sincerely,
George B. Craig 

The run in it is almost finished, and the sound improvement is fantastic. I have now a new preamplifier with great detail and transparency. I am very happy with the upgrade and I will recommend it.

Thank you

Best Regards


The improvement in overall quality is stunning, saving me a huge expense on new kit. This QC33 has been running since 1976 or so and has given me many years of music. I listen to all sorts from cathedral organ, orchestral music, pop, big band and brass band, and folk to jazz, so no stone remains unturned in this house! I will recommend your mods to anyone I find still using a QC33.

Your Sincerly

Paul G Smith MIBS
Senior Audio Supervisor
BBC Radio Resources

Hi David

Thanks for returning my 303.

I’ve given it a good old ‘work out’ since its repair and capacitor upgrade and it really is absolutely fabulous.

It was, of course, exceptionally good before I had the buzzing problem but now it sounds so good – I am currently watching a music DVD (The Eagles) and listening via the Quad and my Bose speakers – what an experience. I don’t think any of todays so-called ‘Hi-Fi’ could stand a chance compared with the good old Quad.

I have your ‘Net Audio’ amplifier modules in my 33 pre-amp and they have certainly brought out much more presence to the mid range and have given an extremely natural sound which is particularly noticeable whilst listening to a live performance.

Thanks once again for your help.

Richard Hewitt



The Quads are brilliant. The 33/303 are particularly good coupled with a pair of ESL57's.  The sound is stunning, beating many friends' systems costing much more.  There is clarity, punch and good bass.  Everything I listen to with that system is wonderful.  I wouldn't want anything else.

I bought another pair of ESL57s for my flat in Cheshire and bought an old Quad valve amp set up.  But in reality the 33/303 is so much better, but being a flat, I don't ever really turn up the volume very high.

N.B. Cheshire

hello david,

i bought the full 303 upgrade from you a while ago. I installed the new capacitors a week ago and got the expected benefits, earlier today i installed the new psu board and was completeley blown away by the improvements! My jaw litterally dropped. It was nothing short of astonishing, and easily the best money ive ever spent on anything audio related. Just one question for you - you mention on the website that i should expect a voltage across the red-brown psu board terminals of 67.4 - 68.4. I am only getting 67.1V.
Is this a problem (can be adjusted via the pot on the board?)
Many Thanks

NET Audio reply:- The PSU should be set to 67V plus or minus 200mV - factory set to 67.05V.

Hi David - The box arrived safely yesterday. I have plugged everything in and started listening and its magic! Absolutely bloody amazing. Thank you ever so much. I will now have an enjoyable Saturday annoying the neighbours.

Absolutely - the sound is wonderful. If it is off any interest I am currently using a Cyrus DAD 1.5 CD player with a Musical Fidelity DAC and ESL57's recently serviced by Quad. I have been listening to music as though it's completely new. I have a friend with a £40k system (plus as much again rewiring his house, removing ferrous radiators etc etc) and although it does sound amazing, this has something special about the sound. It feels alive, real and the positioning of instruments is incredible. I have listened to every combination of my Quad 33, 303, 34 and 405, and decided that the 33/303 will go with the ESL's for classical and jazz music and the 34/405 with a Marantz CD player (will require a DAC sometime) and a pair of Ruark speakers for rock and pop. I should add that I am not greedy - it's just that I listen to music all day in my office and that tends to be rock.

Thanks again,

This was for a full 303 Upgrade.

Hi, I've now completed the Quad 303 upgrade [except the bootstrap mod. as mine is no. 808] and the result is nothing short of miraculous. 

Nick West



Hi David, Thx for sending the psu-boards and elco's so fast, I've received them on Friday.

I am extremely happy with the improvement, you gave my amps a new life. I listen to a lot of classical work, its amazing how much better placed the instruments are and the transparency is fantastic.

Bought some silver wire today and will rewire the most important wires tonight, but even if this does not improve I am still very happy. I have some friends with a 303 as well so expect more orders in the near future from Amsterdam.

Thx again,
best regards,
Karel Poortman

Hi David,

"I've had the Net Audio 303 PSU board in my quad 303 for just over three months now. All I can say is - wow! There isn't one aspect of this amps performance which is not upgraded, particularly the bass. ANY criticisms of this amps performance in the past (i.e. sounds soft and woolly as one 'reviewer' called it!), which were probably to do with aging caps anyway, are completely blown away by this upgrade. I should add that I also replaced all the caps (see elsewhere on this site for more information) which also made a large difference, but not as large as upgrading to this new PSU board. Frankly, the performance is uncomfortably close now to my fully upgraded pair of Quad II's! So. if you already have a Quad 303, go for it! This mod is fully reversible in the unlikely event you are not delighted with it, though I fail to imagine anyone wouldn't be pleased! I should also add that the 'character' of this amp remains unchanged - I was worried it would become sterile and lifeless like so many solid state amps. No worries there. The sound 'sparkles' - instruments have life and 'body'. One can listen to this amp for hours on end without any fatigue... even with CD! I'm still discovering little details in recordings I thought I knew well - my social life has gone out the window! Upgrade with confidence!"


Hi David,

I bought capacitors and a psu upgrade for my Quad 303 a few months ago. I have to say it has made my Quad a fantastic amplifier, a true pleasure to listen to. The sound is incredibly involving and Vocals are outstanding.

Your detailed support was also much appreciated.

Not often I'm moved to send thanks, but feel free to add my praise to your Customer comments if you wish.


Steve Beamont.

By the way your Quad 303 PSU upgrade is unbelievably good. I have 2 identically refurbished quad 303s with same quality parts but one with PSU board and one with stock quad board and the Quad with Net audio PSu board sounds way better with faster transients, sizzling highs and deep bass. Very impressive on both Quad electrostatics and modern dynamic speakers.


I cranked up the 303 at the weekend and was pleased with the difference. I don't have golden ears - I have to be hit over the head with any improvement. Yours hit me over the head - I heard things that definitely weren't there before, such as considerably improved bass, the sort that makes you sit up in the middle of a CD you know well and think "Now, where did THAT come from?".

Another EBayer queried me only this morning about the 303 upgrade, and I recommended it, so another customer may shortly be coming your way! There are a lot of 303s out there, so keep up the good work.

T.M. (Switzerland)

As to the improvements, I have noticed a definite enhancement of the middle and upper registers in particular, and a much more definitive stereo image. Vocals have been given a eerie lifelike presence.



Just a quick note to say thanks for the board. It's all fitted to my 303 and it sounds excellent. Huge improvements in detail and much tighter and defined bass. Instruments are sounding very accurate. Haven't had much time to listen but will be putting it through it's paces this week. Initial signs are very good. I am pleased that my 30+ year old quad should still be doing the biz a good few years from now. I may sample the capacitor upgrade in due course.

Many thanks will be in touch for further upgrades.


Hi David, I thought your clock was amazing, but I was blown away by the Quad 303 power supply upgrade, wow more bass cleaner wider sound stage, loads more detail, simply wonderful. Like a good valve amp, when I took out the old power board it was burnt underneath for the price I feel every body should change there power boards if they want to not only to improve the sound quality, but they could save a costly repair just by purchasing your amazing power supply board. Simply the best, thank you so much bargain of the year.

All the best John.

Newcastle, U.K.

Hello David,
My Quad Upgrade arrived today and I've just finished fitting and auditioning it. I daresay you are used to positive reactions but I just wanted to add mine to the list. Excellent, I really am truly impressed. The 303 drives a pair of self-constructed LS3/5a's, being used at the moment to monitor the mix-down of a documentary film project for 3sat here in Germany. I know the speakers well and I know the source material too (I recorded it !) All I can say is that the upgrade has brought an increase in transparency and an improvement in imaging (more detail in the top bands) without forfeiting the relaxed 'open' sound for which I value the quad/5a combination. If anything it's lent an further air of authority to the system, reinforcing my confidence in what I already trust. I can't wait to re-listen to some older (instrumental) recordings. Thank you for making my day.

Greetings from Berlin,
Alistair Owen

Hi David

I bought two full Quad 405-2 upgrades from you last year and use them bi-
amped.  The performance is startling compared to the original. 

I am now considering a further two so that I can have a surround sound system. 
I have seen the BBC modified Quad 405-2's on eBay and wondered if they can be
modified as the normal domestic one, or even if the BBC modification can or
should remain in place. 

Please can you let me know your thoughts quickly so that I can bid on them if

Many thanks


Hi David,

Boards arrived today and everything is back in place including two new psu caps. Only a few hours into warming up but already I can tell what a great difference it’s making. It’s going to really lift the whole sound and with an Arcam Alpha 7SE on the front end and Rogers Studio 1’s at the other, it’s much more revealing than I could have imagined. I am delighted with the result and am especially grateful to you for the work you have done to breath new life into a great British design.

  I also have a 33/303 in my shed/office which I’m now tempted to upgrade. It won’t be for a while but I know where to come so you’ll be hearing from me again.

Many thanks again for your wonderful service and very careful packaging.

All the best

Steve Williams  


You can add me to your list of satisfied customers, the 405 amp now gives my quad II s a run for their money. The improvement to sound quality has been substantial, improved bass, greater insight and midrange detail and finer etched treble- in a word the amp has gone from sounding not bad to sounding superb and musical.



Hi David,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time now, but simply can’t
tear myself away from my HiFi!

Following the full upgrade on my 405 mkI, and having it up and running
for a few months now, I can only say that there has been a step change
in sound quality –  particularly improved bass and treble. I’ve always
loved the richness of the Quad sound, but this is something else. Truly

The 405 upgrade was swiftly followed by the full upgrade to my Arcam
Alpha 5, which I found to be a most therapeutic exercise in modifying
the DAC board. That too has given a further step change in performance
- the clarity and definition at both the top end and bass. To
paraphrase other satisfied customers, ‘…it reveals instruments I didn't
know were there....’.

Please add me to your ever growing list of satisfied customers.


Martin Walter,
Kingston upon Thames

WOW. I just have to share this experience. I upgraded the clock in my vintage Rotel CD player, and it's now a winner source !!!

I bought the Rotel 965BX in 1995. It was my first "audiophile" component, along with an Exposure XV integrated and Epos 11 speakers.

The Rotel had good resolution, but it was hard-edged and had digital "glare". When I cleaned out the garage at Christmas, I listened to it, thought about selling it for $100-200, but wondered whether it could do better. I scanned a lot of threads, and I decided to upgrade it myself.

I bought the RockClock 4 from There are other DIY clocks - kwak, LC, trident, etc. All the websites describe the effect of removing jitter by stabilizing the clock pulse. It makes a lot of sense. The Rotel had the very simplest RC-crystal clock circuit, and I was convinced that they were all telling the truth. I decided they would all make a difference, and perhaps one clock might be better, but that the differences between the various clocks would be WAY smaller than the primary effect of upgrading the clock.

I chose the net-audio clock because it came with a metal shield, because it had itself been upgraded at least three times, because it came as a kit that included two new caps and opamp sockets to replace the original NE5554s, and because the website gave very clear, illustrated instructions for installing it in the very same CD player, the Rotel 965BX. Also, it was far less expensive than most other clocks. I called and spoke with David, too, and I was convinced I could have his help if I needed further guidance. Along with the RockClock, I also ordered the clock power supply upgrade, silver solder and the gold RCA connectors offered on the same site.

I did take a deep breath before tackling the mod, because I had to remove the CD drawer in order to unbutton the PCB to get to its backside. But it all went smoothly. Adding the RCA connectors made an audible difference. I swapped the opamps (OPA604s, OPA627s, AD797s) and finally settled on AD8065s.

The results are phenomenal. After letting it burn in now for a week (very important), the SQ is VASTLY improved. The "glare" is completely gone. It is now smooth, detailed, dimensional, extended, clear, and balanced. It has a perfect soundstage with stable focus and air. It has good frequency extension and excellent timbral depth. Whereas before it had been emotionally off-putting, it is now emotionally engaging - I sit and listen to the whole CDs, not just the usual test tracks. It lacks only that last oomph of palpability, the heart-wrenching presence that I have with, say, my Audio Aero Capitole 24/192. But DUH, that costs ~ 50x as much ! The Rotel now drives the SP PPX3 SLAM > Equinox > HD600s at my listening / reading chair just fine, thank you!

The next step is installation of the VDC power supply, which is supposed to make another audible difference by providing clean and isolated DC power to the clock. And I've already ordered the Burson discrete opamps, which should just plug in to the 8-pin sockets. Gee, this is FUN !!!

I hope this will encourage other DIYers. Most of the DIY threads I found on clock upgrades were old. This is worthwhile, believe me. For example, I remember what the Arcam and Musical Fidelity players sounded like when I auditioned them in my system just a couple of years ago, and this is WAY better, for a mere pittance, and besides, I did it myself.

Bud C, USA


Hi David, What can i say - the RockClock is superb, is does exactly what it says on the tin (to coin a phrase) - more air, detail and the stereo image is even bigger with more controlled bass and definition. For a modest outlay i now have a killer cd player.

Thanks very much.



Hi David

I have just three words to say to you "ABSOLUTLY BLOODY BRILLIANT" I cannot believe what a difference your clock has made to my cd player,the detail, separation,sound stage the list goes on.I finished fitting it at tea time last night, I just did not want to go to bed.

Best Regards


This RockClock was fitted to an Arcam Alpha 5+.


Hi David

Received the upgrade kit for the Rotel RCD 965 and have fitted the same. Was
a little sceptical at first and suspected that
those individuals who have gone down this route had fallen victim to the
placebo effect. I can honestly say, however, that the kit has transformed
the player to a whole new level and where it was good before , it is now
leagues better, the music breathes with acres of space around the sound
(that's as best as I can describe it). I'll be in touch in the new year to
order some opa 627s . In the meantime , thank you very much and have a good

Best regards
Martin Smith.

RockClock RCD965BX Upgrade Kit

Marantz CD 63 KI Signature.

Hello mate:

Had to go and pick up the CD player this afternoon as the post around this part of London is PATHETIC to say the least.

But it was worth the walk! The difference was instantaneous to my ears ! I threw on the Niclkleback cd as I know the sound pretty well, and the depth of tone and richness is quite remarkable ! the entire sound spectrum seem to have improved 10 fold!

My ears can’t thank you enough!

Cheers Dave, if I can pass your name on to any of my friends or colleagues I will for sure!

Money well spent.

All the best,

Bernie S.


I have heard the results of the mini clock, and the rock clock on a pair of Rotel RCD-855’s (TDA1541 DAC). The micro clock equipped Rotel easily topped an Arcam cd-23t FMJ in terms of ambient detail recovery, bass and microdynamics. It made the inexpensive Rotel outperform the Arcam costing six times as much. It made me a believer in the importance of a highly accurate clock.

The rock clock equipped Rotel is so utterly vivid and revealing, I’d gladly put it toe to toe with anything under £8k. The improvement of the micro clock was amazing enough in itself, but the rock clock was simply breathtaking! There is so much unblinking clarity, I defy anyone to say you can get more detail from a stock red book cd player for less than 8 grand.




Dear David,

Just to let you know the Rock Clock is great and I am very pleased that I finally took the plunge.  I've modded three 63's, including a KI and this is the first time I've used a dedicated clock.  Its the biggest improvement I've heard, better than black gates and new op amps.  I will definitely be looking to add the power supply as the icing on the cake.

Happy for you to add this to your customer quotes.

Best regards



The MiniClock is now in MK2 form as from 1/4/04.


I am a vinyl addict and have never liked the sound of CD players. But I have had various players because it is the current format. I bought the Marantz CD 67 SE from somebody that had upgraded. I listened to both machines and there was little to justify the £475 he paid. I liked the CD67 more than my current player because it sounded smoother and more natural. The components
I installed the Mini Clock 2003 model and Power supply 2006 version along with opamps. I liked the solid casing on the Mini clock it seemed to be well protected against interference. The PSU unit was a quality piece of assembly which supplied the clock with smoothed power.

The Installation

Now this was the tricky bit! I am not an electrical engineer and have never looked inside the box. If it were not for on-line installation manual it would still be in bits! It took a while to get the mother board out… I got confused when it came to removing the old components and had to recheck. I swapped over the opamps which was a bit nerve racking. I had read somewhere on the net that you have to be real carefull with handling them so I wore the Marigolds from the kitchen, yeah weird! Then on to the Mini clock and PSU, no problems but it took time to situate them using shortest wire distance and had to rotate clock and test the lid would fit etc. When I finally had it all back together, there were four copper screws looking kinda lost! Eventually found that they hold the mains transformer to the chassis!

The Sound

Now this is the good bit! I was not sure if it was the same machine. I have not heard a CD player this good before! The overall sound is natural, transparent and clear. Gone was the jittery sound in the treble and that sluggish base which characterizes most players. The soundstage is huge with a revealing amount of detail that is open and controlled. It is also fast and copes with left and right channels with ease. The potential of the player has been unleashed! This is something else, alright.


I am glad that I took the plunge and went for it as I could not afford a CD player with this sound quality!... like over £1500!! Now I can enjoy CDs: you can hear all the information that’s on the disc, the base is particularly defined. 

Thank you Net-Audio. 

Martin Hewer 19/06/06


Hi David,

I installed successfully MiniClock in the Arcam Delta 70.2 CDP, by followed your diagram. You are very helpful!. The Arcam sounds extremely good. I also have Philips CD960, Rotel RCD-855, and Marantz CD80.

I tried your clock on all of them and am very pleased with the result. I used to have the Meridian 506.24 CDP, due to financial difficulty I sold it, but I am very happy with all the old CDP (Modified) and your Clock, they all sound better than the Meridian!. My basic (DIY) modification for the old CDPs are: Replace all elec cap, better opamps, better diode, better power cord, vibration feets, Clock and PSU. The Clock + PSU are the best of all mods I have done, they improve the sound quality of CDP significantly.

My system: Cyrus 7 amp + Power supply Unit, PMC FB1 Speakers (rewired, recapped).

Once again, thank you.


Hi David,

I received the Miniclock II and power supply, at the end of last week, many thanks for your prompt service.

I installed them yesterday, without problem and they worked straight off, chose the right crystal pad. I had a moment of indecision when it came to connecting the PSU to the MiniClock, as there were no indication on the PSU board as to polarity. I used the expedient of looking at the caps positive and negative pins.......but this may not be obvious to some inexperienced fitters.

Note from NA - please see here for connection details.

The sound once set up was stunning, giving my Quad77 a really hard time. Which is annoying coz its a 1k player compared to this 15year old £25 second hand Denon. This was definitely the best upgrade I've made to this player. It perhaps the most cost effective comparing improvement with cost, and rivals changing the PSU diodes to Schottky type 11DQ10's.

I'm still picking my chin off the a big hug to Net Audio several gold stars and my thanks......oh yes I'll have to do the damn Quad now.

[I've also posted my views on]

Many thanks again


This customer was sent the last of the MK1 MiniClock and it was replaced by a MK2 after one week as I thought there was a large improvement in the design. He has not received the Clock PSU as yet (14/04/03).

1st email from customer (MK1 MiniClock)

Hi David,
The first immediate response is - its great. I would think it will need time to burn in however the bass is much deeper/extended and controlled. Imaging is much better and altogether a much more enjoyable experience. I’ll let you know after I’ve listened to more music , but I’m impressed already. I had a Trichord 2 fitted in a Marantz CD52 mk2 and your clock upgrade is a more noticeable/significant improvement.

2nd email (MK1 MiniClock)

Hi David,
I’ve had my system powered-up all day playing music. I still think it will need more time to realise its full potential – anyway here goes. In the context of my system it has made a significant improvement across the whole sound spectrum. At first it was most noticeable in the bass- being tighter, more controlled with more detail and lots of subtlety. However the more I listened the treble was changing and getting better. Much smoother- yet still retaining its sparkle and fine detail- no hint of glare. (This most noticeable with female vocals). I listen to a lot of smooth Jazz/acoustic chill-out type music and there is definitely more space around the instruments with improvements in sound staging. Guitar and piano sound much more natural and realistic. The sound stage is wider and taller with a greater sense of depth from front to back- imaging you could call it. Crystal clear treble which is very smooth – yet still lively and exiting – but in no way fatiguing on the ear. Bass is far better controlled and extended. Definitely more detail and fine nuances revealed, which obviously where always there! Its difficult to put into words but it has made the sound more natural and smoother, almost analogue – yet at the same time its improved the dynamics and the timing of the music.

I am really pleased and impressed with the clock upgrade – I would recommend this to anyone wishing to get the best out of their cd player/transport.

I feel the addition of the mini clock is at least equal to upgrading to the next level of CD player, Pre Amp, Power Amp etc – its impact is not minor – it is equal to a major/significant upgrade – and what's more it is an improvement - not just different!

My system is CD only and consists of:

CD Transport : TEAC T1 Upgraded with Net-Audio Clock Module

DAC : QED upgraded Audiocom AD825 dual OP Amp, Fully regulated dual power supply for analogue/digital outputs- all hardwired with solid core silver/PTFE.
Digital interconnect: John Dory silver foil.

Pre Amp: Single line stage 12b4a valve with transformer output all hardwired throughout with pure silver, separate valve rectified power supply.

Power Amps: 2 monoblocks twin EL34s parallel push-pull on Art Audio chrome chassis with extra large heavy duty transformers.

All interconnects Chimera s/c cast copper cryro, terminated with Eichmann Bullet plugs.

Speakers: Acoustic Energy AE1s with external upgraded X overs h/w with s/c silver/ PTFE. Stands are MDF replicas of the AE1 filled with industrial high density resin.

Whole system is on independent mains spur and mains passive transformer to eliminate/purify the supply. All component mains cables are solid core mostly pure silver/PTFE screened.

I don’t leave the system on when not in use.

I will let you know how the clock settles in, however I have to return to work next week –( I’ve been signed-off for the past 6 months recovering from total hip replacement). So the system won’t be used quite as much! Look forward to developments re clock power supply.

3rd email (MK2 MiniClock)

Hi David,
Installed the new clock in about 15 minutes. I think you’re on to a winner with this.

From immediate powering-up the difference was noticeable and yet again an improvement- well in my system anyway.
The most apparent improvement is in the treble and I suppose the top half of the mid range. The treble is much more clearly refined , especially in its presentation. Consequently you are able to hear the subtleties in the mid range. As a result this translates into improved imaging and a greater 3D effect. The bass is still there, being deep and controlled and again because the treble is more effective the bass power is impressive/noticeable. At a given volume, with the new clock, the music sounded louder and more dynamic.

The changes in the treble bring forward instruments, such as the guitar, this gives a greater/ enhanced 3d image/effect. John Martyn’s - “Solid air “is much clearer, and you can clearly tell what he is saying, whereas before certain words sounded muddled/blurred. Paul Hardcastle’s Jazzmasters sounds absolutely stunning with the new clock, the saxophone sounding incredible.

In summary the Mk2 version is more refined ,cultured and mature sounding. There is a considerable improvement in the overall detail, being more clearly/realistically presented. It actually has brought the performance/music forward, giving a more live feel to the experience – its very good indeed.

I’ll see how it sounds being left switched-on over the weekend – I think I will be returning the MK1 clock!

I hope his feedback is along the lines of what you intended to achieve with the revisions you have made.

I’ll keep in touch Kind regards Graham

4th email (MK2 MiniClock)

Hi David,
The new modified clock has now settled/burned-in. It has been on 24/7 since installation. After extensive listening with a wide variety of music, in the context of my system, I have found the following: 1). Improved imaging and stereo separation. The whole soundstage is wider giving real depth to the performance.
2). The treble/ upper mid range is smoother, yet incredibly detailed. It has an uncanny way of revealing very subtle nuances, which although the MK 1 highlighted, the MK2 is far more accomplished and cultured. It is a more convincing/realistic, refined sound.
3). The bass seems more controlled-maybe because the treble and upper mid range is better – however the bass is more powerful, extended and controlled- at the same time not over domineering.
4). This new clock is slightly more dynamic than the Mk1.
5). The Mk 2 has a sound which seems more analogue in its overall performance . It is a warmer sound than before – not as analytical and sterile by comparison.
Overall I prefer the MK2 because the sound is more realistic and as a consequence the music is more enjoyable. I think the MK2 is a significant improvement upon the original. Hope I haven't gone-on too much.

Look forward to the power supply,
Regards Graham

Just thought I'd let you know as requested my thoughts on your mini clock upgrade (MK1). My set-up is as follows:

Marantz cd63ki cd player
Rotel RC970bx pre amp
Rotel RB970bx power amp x2 bi amped
TDL RTL3 speakers

I have always had a niggle with my set-up being a little bright and harsh and was thinking of getting a new player as an attempt to solve this. I have heard of clock mods before but was put off by the price until I saw yours and tried it. The difference is instant. The harshness is gone even before a proper running in time but there is more detail than before and instruments sound more realistic as if they are there in front of you. The base is deeper with more punch while still being controlled. I am very surprised at the difference this little box has made to my sound and would recommend it to anyone with a Ki player to get the most of it.


All I can say is that this (Miniclock MK1) is the bestupgrade I have ever implemented, my meridian 506 now compares with the 508 (twice the money), it has more detail, warmth and a huge open soundstage - thanks very much for such a good upgrade for minimal cost.

I was thinking of changing the player but no more - well done.


Mk1 Clock replaced with RockClock

Hi David, What can i say - the RockClock is superb, is does exactly what it says on the tin (to coin a phrase) - more air, detail and the stereo image is even bigger with more controlled bass and definition. For a modest outlay i now have a killer cd player.
Thanks very much.



Dear David, Thank you for your patience. The clock (MK1) is excellent, both it and the 303 powerboard have transformed my system.
Thank you,

Hi David,
Sorry not been back in touch before now. The clock Psu has most definitely made improvements. Obviously not as dramatic as the clock, however still appreciable. I’ve found the most significant improvement to be in the higher frequencies, removing any suggestion of glare or fizz. The other most noticeable improvement is in sound stage with more room around each instrument and vocals. They are clearly more audible – yet in no way over emphasised or highlighted. (You could say more detailed). Sound stage sounds wider and taller with better dynamics/projection and cohesiveness to the overall experience. There is a authority in the way the music is presented which seems more natural and therefore to my ears sounding correct and as it should be. Its very difficult to put into words – basically very detailed/revealing yet at the same time relaxing to listen to – very much like listening to a high end moving coil cartridge as opposed to a budget m/magnet. It certainly complements the clock upgrade and represents excellent value for money.

I’m really pleased with the improvements this has brought to my system.
Thanks for all your help and if your ever up this way call in for a brew and a listen!

Kind regards




I connected the clock leads to C1 and it works fantastic better than I had expected. All I can say is double wow! Do you think there would be any better sound quality if I change the two op amps (NE5532) with something newer like LM833.
Also I have a Rotel RDV-1060 The sound quality is not very good. Do you think a rock clock and power supply would help?
Thanks for your help. I am really happy and amazed.


Hello David,

I wrote the other day about the improvements to my Arcam Alpha 5, but 
that was only after playing a single CD.

I've now listened to about 10 CDs and I have to say that I'm quite 
blown away by the improvements. I was thinking that in one way it's 
like the difference between going to the cinema and going to an IMAX 
3D presentation - the soundstage has extended in every direction; up, 
down, behind and even +into+ the room! Listening to Bjork's 
"Homogenic" and Damien Rice's "O" was quite amazing - I kept laughing 
as it was so noticeable. The sound, especially the treble, is also 
sweeter and voices have gained much more clarity and realism.

On my QUAD 44 preamp I've had the bass lift set to +3 for years, but 
I've set it flat because the bass is now much more extended, tighter, 
more solid and just 'there' that it sounds quite unnatural with that 
+3 setting. It's also making me realise how lucky I am to have a pair 
of ESL 63s so that I can appreciate all of these improvements. I'm 
now working my way through the rest of my CDs.

Thanks for a great upgrade - and it's also much more green to upgrade 
an otherwise working piece of kit instead of replacing it. Not to 
mention the financial saving...

Yours extra appreciatively,

Stephen Watson


I gave the Alpha 5 a workout over the weekend, and am delighted with the sound. The clarity and definition at both the top end and bass is incredible. The soundstage is vast and reveals instruments I didn't know where there!

I am really pleased with the CD player and the mods, when I had listened to an Alpha 5 before it left a signature on the music. With the upgrade cymbals really sound like cymbals!

Thank you very much indeed.

Best regards,

James McCarthy


Hi David,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time now, but simply can’t
tear myself away from my HiFi!

Following the full upgrade on my 405 mkI, and having it up and running
for a few months now, I can only say that there has been a step change
in sound quality –  particularly improved bass and treble. I’ve always
loved the richness of the Quad sound, but this is something else. Truly

The 405 upgrade was swiftly followed by the full upgrade to my Arcam
Alpha 5, which I found to be a most therapeutic exercise in modifying
the DAC board. That too has given a further step change in performance
- the clarity and definition at both the top end and bass. To
paraphrase other satisfied customers, ‘…it reveals instruments I didn't
know were there....’.

Please add me to your ever growing list of satisfied customers.


Martin Walter,
Kingston upon Thames


Midi Suppressor

Dear Net Audio

What a superb product the Midi suppressor is. I am currently experimenting with mains cables with my modest setup (NAD 541i, Pink Triangle Export, Arcam 8 and Senn 600s).
A RA Yello and a Kemp Lo power cord have been tried so far. I am pleased with the improvements they have brought to the system. I was in the middle of a evening listening session when my wife brought in the suppressor in it's envelope - she had neglected to tell me it had been delivered earlier in the day. I was listening to Joe Cocker (Sheffield Steel) on CD and I thought I would plug in the suppressor mid track. Nothing happened for about five seconds and then all of a sudden there was a nice quiet background, much less treble graininess and the thing that amazed me was that the rhythm and timing improved greatly. Everything seemed so much more musical with bags more subtle detail to boot.
I currently have the suppressor plugged into a 4-way adapter with the other three outlets feeding my CD amp and turntable. I will be getting either a RA Kimber 4-way extension or one from The Missing Link soon. Is there any benefit from using another midi suppressor elsewhere in the house( next to 'noisy' appliances) or would I have to upgrade to the Maxi to gain any further improvements.
Sorry for waffling but thanks again for a brilliant cost-effective upgrade.