NET Audio MiniClock
CD Player Upgrades
MicroClone DAC
Jitter Crusher
Arcam Alpha 5
Linn Mimik 2
Marantz CD63/67 KI + Sig
Rotel RCD-965BX

CD Player Clock Upgrades
Clock Basics
VDC Clock Power Supply
Clock Power Supply
TDA1541 NOS Converter

Quad 33 Upgrades
Full Upgrade
Disc Amplifier Upgrade
Tape Board Upgrade
Output Board Upgrade
Minimalist Output Upgrade

Quad 303 Upgrades
Power Supply Upgrade
Capacitor Replacement
Quad 33/303 Full Upgrade

Quad 405 Upgrades
405 MK1 Upgrade
405 MK2 Upgrade
Dual Mono Power Supply

Connectors and IC Sockets Opamps and Diodes

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A full upgrade kit may be developed for the CD63 and CD67 family in the future.