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NET Audio Sonance DAC

The NET Audio Sonance has been specifically designed to bring High-End sound to you at a reasonable price. Optimized to reproduce 16bit CD data at very high resolution and producing surprising results from a small package.

Nuances of detail are faithfully reproduced rendering a vast soundstage in both width and depth. Tiny details which give the clues to space, size and distance are not smeared or distorted, revealing a richly textured soundstage with accurate portrayal of voice and instruments with unusual amount of space around the performers.

An integral part of the design is a dedicated onboard power supply which delivers clean DC power to the DAC and analogue output stages. The digital and analogue stages have their own separate transformers and power supply sections to reduce digital to analogue crosstalk to a minimum to enable faithful audio reproduction.

The rear panel is simplicity itself, a SPDIF digital input, left and right channel output phono sockets and a mains switch and power socket. A TOSLINK digital input was omitted as it was felt that it was not required on a DAC of such performance and only high quality coaxial cables are recommended to connect from the your CD Transport.


Photo available soon.  

NET Audio Sonance DAC. 

Sonance Background.

Although utilising a modern DAC chip, the Sonance is relatively jitter sensitive compared to an up sampling DAC, the bane of previous DAC designs. Jitter sensitivity can make a good DAC sound average when driven from and poor quality digital source. As DACs became more advanced internal reclocking and up sampling circuits were introduced to curb the DACs sensitivity to noisy digital sources thereby maintaining the DACs performance even with a poor quality digital source such as an inexpensive CD player. This is a great advantage as the DACs performance is largely repeatable with different digital sources.

So why wasn’t the NET Audio Sonance designed in the same way? The reason is the very fact that a jitter sensitive DAC will lose performance with a poor quality source where a reclocking DAC is affected much less, but a jitter sensitive DACs performance will increase as the digital source quality increases. This then provides an upgrade path without having to re-sell your DAC to improve the performance of your system, similar to the improvements you would obtain when upgrading your turntable or turntable cable.


Input Frequency 16bit 44.1kHz from CD Transport
DAC Chip: 24-bit delta-sigma D/A, 8x-oversampling digital filter
Linearity: ±0.3dB to -100dBFS
Output Level 2V RMS
Distortion less than 0.0009% at 1kHz
S/N Ratio greater than 96dB
Output impedance less than 100 Ohms
Power Supply 240V AC - 6 Watts

Frequency Response Plot of the Sonance.
Please click on the plot for larger image.

NET Audio Sonance.

NET Audio Sonance DAC includes:-

  • One NET Audio Sonance DAC
  • Full Connection Instructions
Total Price Including Insured P+P = £750

Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks if out of stock.