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 The NET Audio Window Preamplifier is a minimalist design, specifically tailored to provide the signal with the shortest path possible from input to output to maximize signal integrity. The Window consists of an input selector switch with silver contacts whilst the volume control is a precision 24 step ladder attenuator using a military grade switch with gold plated contacts and low noise close tolerance Vishay RN60 resistors with a pure silver common resistor ground. Only two resistors are in the signal path at any one time. All internal wiring is silver plated PTFE insulated copper multistrand cable soldered with silver loaded solder.

Four inputs are available on the rear panel with one output on gold plated PTFE insulated phono sockets. These are normally selected by the switch but the preamp can be wired at your request for the 1st input to bypass the switch and be used as a direct input so that only the stepped attenuator is in circuit. The other 3 inputs can then be selected with the switch but only when nothing is connected to input 1. Alternatively the direct output can feed a recording device which monitors the selected source.

The input impedance is 10K ohms which represents a good compromise between loading the source component and having sufficiently a low output impedance to prevent cable loading effecting the performance. Maximum output impedance is 2.5K ohms but at normal listening levels is generally lower than 1K ohms.

Sound quality is superb, very clean with smooth extended treble, vivid, accurate midrange and deep tight bass with no discernable overhang or bloom.




NET Audio Window Preamplifier.

NET Audio Window Preamplifier includes:-

  • One NET Audio Window Preamplifier
  • Full Fitting Instructions
Total Price = £250 - No Longer Manufactured

Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Standard Window Preamp

Direct Option Window Preamp - No Longer Manufactured